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Zanini guitars are hand made with the highest standards, utilizing high quality north american woods, hardware components and pickups.

Villano - 2009

Villano model by zanini guitars

The second Zanini model is the Villano. My second design is the result of a different approach with respect to what I did with the Lyra. With the Villano, I wanted to design something alternative to the stratocaster and telecaster classic designs, which is at the same time a tribute to them, and a new design.

The final result, will look to the player like an old friend, but it is in fact completely new.

Lyra - 2007

lyra model by zanini guitarsThe first Zanini model, the Lyra, is currently beeing redesigned. With the Lyra I wanted to create a modern design with several unique features like the special design of the sides of the body. It is my most innovative design and it introduces several unique design features:

  • set neck, single cut guitar with "5+1" headstock
  • original shapes for headstock, body and inlays.
  • small, thick body
  • very compact design, nearly 10 cm shorter than a Les Paul
  • The three-dimensionality of the body is enhanced by curved body edges that not only give a very modern, flowing look, but also improve the handling of the body in the forearm area and the playability in the upper fret area.

Stay tuned to discover the new look of this outstanding model.

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